новостиMills for drainboard processing.

новостиDiamond cups for making spherical and curly decorative surfaces.

новостиTyphoon-mini" for granite and marble, "Rounded cylinder". Fitting М14.


Cutters for making stepped holes in kitchen sinks.

Diamond graters for manual chamfering between stone tiles.

Profiling wheels for hand routers.

Universal disk for curved cutting and grinding marble "Convex 2-in-1". Diameters 100 and 135 mm.

Universal polishing disks for stone "Optimal". Diameter 250 mm.

Profile schemes and and photographs of mills are added to the section of the site "Products/profile wheels for manual profiling machines".


Cutting disks for hard materials (hard ceramics etc) without chips. Cutting width 1.5 mm. Diameter 125 мм. Fitting М14.

Engraving tools for making inscriptions and images on granite and marble using CNC machines. Fitting 10 mm shank or made-to-order (optional).

Finishing conic mills for making bas-reliefs of granite on 3D CNC machines. Fitting 12 mm shank or made-to-order (optional).

06.2018 Pricelist is updated.

Polishing wheels on polymer base "Turbo". The diameter is 250mm. The kit consists of four discs, numbers 3+, 4, 5, 6.


Tools for making facets and profiles by edge polishing machines. Diameter 100 mm. Helix fitting. Grit size 00, 0, 1, 2, 3.

New standart profiles for profiling wheels: F+, LV, O+, Q+, V+.

06.2017 Pricelist is updated.


High effective grinding tools "RING - TURBO". Diameter 250 mm. Numbers 0, 1, 2, 2+, 3.

кухни"Slot cutter." A diamond cutting disc with an adapter and a thrust bearing. They are designed for cutting technological grooves in the elements of tabletops.

кухни"Hollow chamfer". Tools for hand routers, designed for making of hollow chamfers.


новостиCore bits for granite. Diameters 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 mm. Fitting: shank or M14.

новости"Typhoon-mini" for granite. Forms: "Flame", sphere, acute cone. Fitting M14.

новостиDiamond grinding/cutting disk "2-in-1" for granite. Diameter 125mm. Fitting M14.


новостиTool for grinding concrete floors using Klindex machines. Diameter 100mm.

новостиFlexible disks with fastening "Velcro", diameters 125mm and 150mm.

Changes in the price list. Prices of some items reduced.

новостиTools "Tornado", "Typhoon", "Typhoon-special" and disks for curved cutting will only be available with M14 fitting. Supply of these types of instruments without mounting flange will be possible to order.

новости"Typhoon-mini" for marble. Forms: "flame", ball, acute cone.


шлифовальникиTools for grinding and polishing concrete and mosaic floors. Diameter 75mm. Fixing "Velcro", magnetic or on request.

ручнойRapid diameter 55mm on the long flange.

Our main price list can be opened as images.

Added price list of tools for CNC.

ручнойручнойExpanding the range of tools for hand-held machines. Added "Daisy" in diameter 80mm, and "mini-Typhoon" form "Boot".

ручнойручнойручнойWe have changed the design of labels.

ручнойWheels for KLINDEX LEVIGHETOR MAX machines with removable segments. Diameter 240 mm. Variants for marble, granite and concrete are available. Segments can be sold separately.

ручнойCutting disc thickness 0.9 mm for joints in stone floors. Diameter 100mm, fitting M14. Also we present sintered diamond blade thickness 0.9 mm, diameter 32mm, 6mm shank.

Expanding the range of carving tools for straight grinders. Added positions with a 6 mm shank and 3 mm shank for die grinders.

ручнойExpanding the range of diamond universal tool "Typhoon-mini". Form of a working surface is flat with the cutting side, hemispherical, convex, cylindrical, conical, inverted cone. Available in marble and granite design.

головкиEngraving cutters. Designed for drawing images and inscriptions on marble or granite with milling and engraving machines.


Advanced polishing set (3A, 3A +, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A, 11A, 12A). It is recommended for very high quality requirements polishing without additional polishing compounds.